"an intense contemporary jazz rush by the Tel-Aviv based pianist and producer Yoni Mayraz, where we get a sense of the city’s steaming sidewalks and urban clutter" - Music Is My Sanctuary


"Yoni continues affirming his trademark hybrid sound with this new tune, bringing the sacred harmonies and rhythms of his upbringing to modern hip-hop infused jazz territory. ‘Snow’ shows a more mellow side of the musician, and his ability to create subtle variation within a recurrent ‘trans-like’ melodic pattern" - TwistedSoul


"I listened to the song in a loop, a few times in a row, and I didn't want it to stop at all, whenever the song turns silent for a second, I wanted the beat to drop again" - The Wicked Sound


"New Israeli Artist Yoni Mayraz Solidifies His Impressive Jazz Production... We’re stoked to have found him early in his career – he’s only been releasing music since 2020 – because we can tell it’s gonna be a successful one" - This Song Is Sick


"Yoni's compositions are rugged and raw, yet they exude the love for adventurous harmonies and delicate textures" - VibeRating


"‘Ram Don’, the mellow and beautifully-crafted track by Israel-based Jazz musician Yoni Mayraz is one of the most captivating compositions I’ve heard in 2020. From the trumpet to piano played, the Tel Aviv-based artist found inspiration from 90s East Coast Hip-Hop tunes, particularly the compressed drums and bass raging beneath"  - Richardine Bartee (Grammy member) - Grungecake


"Breakbeat-ish noir jazz. The enchanting, mysterious piano and the moonlight reflecting through the trumpet’s sound create an atmosphere of fantasy and unreality. This is a soundtrack for secluded lanes and streets, for their unknown life hidden from prying eyes at 3 AM. The diverting music of urban secrets, vague, inexplicable signs from dreams, and strange smoky visions. 'Ram Don' is an immensely atmospheric and original fusion composition" - Grotesqualizer Magazine